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Scene 02

Scene 02

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This nourishing scent ritual, harnesses the soft notes of fig, marigold and cedarwood to evoke a luminous golden hour sunlight.   

This collaboration between Abel and French perfumer Dr Fanny Grau, expertly pairs beautiful, heritage, natural ingredients with the latest natural science and biotechnology for modern elevated room sprays. 100% natural, plant derived and contain only non-toxic ingredients. Vegan and cruelty free.

key notes: fig, marigold, mandarin, basil, cedarwood


Ingredients: aldehyde c 9 nat. 10% tecn, aldehyde c11 undecylenic nat. 1% tecn, hexenol cis-3 nat. 10% tecn, galbanum oil 1% tecn, bergamot identoil® colourless, bergamot oil bergapten free, lemon oil ital., lemon oil winter bergapten free, mandarin oil dist. decol., carrot seed oil perf. 10% tecn, basil oil comores type e 10% dpg, estragole nat., hexyl acetate nat. 10% tecn, decalactone gamma nat. 10% tecn, octalactone gamma nat. 10% tecn, cabreuva oil, linalool coeur (drum), tagetes oil 10% dpg, rose oxide nat., phenyl ethyl alcohol nat., citronellol aj (drum), geraniol nat., ionone beta nat., anethol nat. ex star anise, cedarwood oil, amyris oil, ambroxide, ambrettolide hc supreme, triethyl citrate natural

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