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St. Bathans Bath Towel

St. Bathans Bath Towel

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100% Organic Cotton bath towel with a luxuriously soft handle. Reminiscent of heritage club rooms, this towel is defined by textural moss rib accented by three crème stripes. Inspired by the spaces where an individual sits, inwardly connected to, the post-match exhale.

Made in Portugal 

19" x 31"



Before using any BAINA products, we recommend washing your towels through one cycle.Wash towels through a cold or low temperature cycle (40° C or 104° F).Use natural detergent to protect the integrity of the towel and avoid using softeners or oxidising/chlorine based bleaching agents.

While softeners can create a soft feeling initially, over time they leave behind deposit that build up on the cotton’s surface, creating a barrier that affects a towel’s absorption.

Always wash light and dark colors separately to prevent color transfer.


Line dry in shade. For optimal softness we recommend a tumble dry on low heat. Do not dry clean.To sustain an absorbent pile on your BAINA towel we recommend using a dryer* for a portion of the drying process as this will agitate the terry cloth, circulating air and loosening the pile. Towels quickly coarsen when solely line dried, particularly indoors where there is little air circulation.


If a loop gets caught and snags, avoid pulling the thread as this may cause further damage. We recommend cutting the thread at the base of the towel.


We advise caution when using any cosmetics or skincare as some products contain chemicals that may cause discoloration.Try to treat any stains as soon as possible, and treat before laundering.

BAINA has been designed with permanence in mind. Our Care Guide has been created to ensure your Organic Towels will last while providing you with maximum absorbency and softness. We have also taken into consideration the impact caring for your towels has on the environment which is why we suggest selecting economical wash cycles, choosing natural detergents, and avoiding any chemical additives.

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