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Vanilla Disk Cushion

Vanilla Disk Cushion

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Klay's most popular design, the Disk Squab Cushion is the perfect layer for any surface. Chair, bench, floor, sofa, bed, bus seat, stadium bleachers, etc... 

The soft, supportive cushion inners are made from recycled fiber flocking, wadding and batting (a blend that is 80% wool), covered in calico, each is hand-trussed, sculpted and steam-moulded into its final shape. Klay cushion outers are made from cotton and velvet. The cushion outer features an invisible color-matched zip and can be removed and washed.  Comes with insert.

Made in New Zealand 

15" x 4" high

A true family operation, founder, designer and lead maker Kirsty, works closely with daughter Hannah, who helps realize Kirsty’s vision. This familial ethos extends to Klay’s community of makers, retailers and customers, with Klay items found in homes around the world.

Klay encourages consideration from its community — countering disposability, and instead encouraging appreciation and a care taking approach to objects.

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