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Casa Bosques

Black Toasted Sesame Seeds, Cacao Shell & Nibs, Dark Chocolate

Black Toasted Sesame Seeds, Cacao Shell & Nibs, Dark Chocolate

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Reworking is one of the first methods adopted by Casa Bosques to dene an individual style, that is, adapting traditional chocolate-making methods to create something innovative. The Black Toasted Sesame Seed Chocolate uses all parts of the cacao, including the nib and the crunchy shell, the interior and exterior, to create an economy of taste and crunch. This chocolate is slightly bitter, and with the smokiness of the black toasted sesame seeds, its pleasant acidity hits the back of the tongue.

The spirit of Casa Bosques sets itself apart from the modern chocolate industry. Artisans at the Casa Bosques Atelier strive for elegant, raw, bold, unfussy flavors for complex palettes, combining basic ingredients in small batches until the perfect chocolate is produced. Packaging by Jorge de la Garza and Casa Bosques

To preserve the quality, keep them in their original packaging, away from humidity, air, and light, close to 65° F. In order to make the most of their freshness, consume them within 2 months 

Ingredients: Organic cacao bean, Black toasted sesame seeds, cacao shells, cacao nibs, organic cane sugar

Made in Mexico

2.12 oz.

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